Vaser® Smooth Pro
The next generation of VASER® HIGH DEFINITION liposuction

VASER® Hi-Def liposuction introduced plastic surgeons to the new era of body contouring.

Dr Pagkalos in considered one of the experts of advanced VASER® body contouring.

Vaser (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy Resonance)®. (SOLTAMEDICAL, USA) is a cutting-edge liposuction procedure that emits ultrasonic energy to the target area.

VASER® Hi-Def liposuction is minimally invasive yet powerful enough to eliminate large areas of fat and gently enough to treat more delicate areas, allowing for precise (Hi-Def) sculpting.

VASER® Hi-Def liposuction gently removes fat cells without damaging or disturbing surrounding nerves or blood vessels, while, at the same time, smoothness and tightens the skin.

Vaser® Smooth Pro

Vaser® Smooth Pro is the next generation of VASER® HIFH DEFINITION liposuction. Vaser® Smooth Pro distinct advantage over previous generations of VASER® systems is that it has enhanced skin smoothing and tightening capacities.

Vaser® Smooth Pro comes with a newly designed probe that allows plastic surgeons to minimize cellulite while, at the same time better tighten the skin. The new specialized probe disrupt the fibrous attachments that are found immediately under the skin and are the main cause for cellulite. The procedure is unique in that it first targets fat cells and then practically “cuts” the fibrous bands causing the dimples associated with cellulite.

VASER® Hi-Def liposuction vs Traditional liposuction:

  1. Precise liposuction: One of the main downsides to traditional liposuction is that fat is removed through avulsion. As a result, surrounding tissue can be damaged and blood supply to the skin compromised posing a limitation to the amount of fat that can be removed from superficial layers. As a result, plastic surgeons who still perform conventional liposuction can only roughly remove fat deposits in order to avoid complications. VASER® Hi-Def liposuction on the other hand precisely associates the difference between fat and the surrounding connective tissue, so that no nerves or blood vessels are damaged during the procedure. By protecting nerves and vessels, VASER® Hi-Def liposuction allows Dr Pagkalos to sculpture the body in great detail, in an atraumatic way, removing fat even from the most superficial areas and emerge patient’s musculature.
  2. Since traditional liposuction only removes fat, there is always the risk of skin inconsistencies, such as bubbling or rippling of the skin, especially when large amounts of fat need to be removed. VASER® Hi-Def liposuction, on the other hand, enhances skin retraction, leaving a smoother and tighter skin.
  3. VASER® Hi-Def liposuction allows for easier recovery since patients experience less pain, less swelling and minimal downtime.
  4. VASER® Hi-Def liposuction can sculpt and shape multiple areas in a single procedure.
  5. VASER® Hi-Def liposuction has less intra-operative discomfort that allows plastic surgeons to perform the procedure under mild sedation (no need for general anesthesia).
  6. Results seen as early as 1 week with precise VASER® Hi-Def liposculpting.
  7. VASER® Hi-Def liposuction is ideal for autologous fat grafting: The fat is extracted gently, increasing fat survival at the recipient site.

Areas treated

VASER® Hi-Def liposuction can reduce localized fat deposits and sculpt practically all areas with small or large fat deposits, including:

  • Abdomen and waist

  • Back 

  • Calves and ankles

  • Chest area

  • Face, cheeks, chin and neck

  • Hips and buttocks

  • Inner knee

  • Thighs

  • Upper arms

Fat grafting with VASER® Hi-Def liposuction

In many cases, autologous fat grafting is performed during VASER® Hi-Def liposuction to add muscular bulk in certain muscle groups and enhance the overall hi-definition contoured result. Fat is taken from an area of the body with excess fat and transferred to the recipient site.

Goals and therefore recipient sites differ to men and women: Common areas for men include the deltoid, biceps, calves and buttocks, whereas in women, fat grafting may be performed to improve the waist-to-hip ratio and accentuate the hourglass appearance. Fat grafting is also a well-documented way to enhance the size or reshape the female breast.

Additionally, face is a common recipient area for fat graft, used to restore face volume, filling wrinkles or managing face proportions and symmetry.

What is High-Definition liposuction?

High-Definition (Hi-Def, 3D, 4D) liposuction involves the plastic surgeon approaching the fat removal process differently from traditional liposuction techniques, precisely sculpting the treatment area to improve its contour and muscular definition.

The idea behind VASER® Hi-Def liposuction is to remove (and sometimes add) different amounts of fat in specific areas of the body to create three-dimensional result. Additionally, fat is removed in various layers to create the desired contours: in the abdomen, for example, “negative spaces” are created by removing additional fat between muscle groups to create the appearance of more defined muscles. More fat is suctioned in the area of the “negative space” and less fat is suctioned between the spaces to create the illusion of three-dimensional depth (3D). The horizontal lines between the rectus muscle are also meticulously defined to give the appearance of a 6-pack (abdominal etching).

In male patients, the muscles on the upper side of the ribcage can also be defined for a sculpted look. Dr Pagkalos uses VASER® Hi-Def to the male chest and male breast (with or without mammary glad excision) to create an even more athletic, chiseled appearance.

Fat grafting to the top of the chest can add muscular bulk to the area, mimicking the body construction of professional athletes.

Regarding the back of the body in both male and female patients, negative spaces are highlighted near muscle in the lower and upper back to enhance muscle bulk and give patients the highly desired “V” shape.

Immediately after this complications started to emerge, American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) joined forces with other plastic surgery organizations worldwide to create an international task force to explore BBL’s safety issues.

The task force exposed the flaws to the technique and issued updated guidelines to safely perform the procedure. Since then, plastic surgeons in the US and throughout the world have changed the BBL technique based on the recommendations of the task force and nowadays BBL is considered as safe as a tummy tuck.

Choosing a plastic surgeon:

Patients should bear in mind that VASER® Hi-Def liposuction has a steep learning curve, so it is very important to choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure.