Weight fluctuation, pregnancy and genetics most commonly contribute to fat deposits on the arms. In most cases, diet and exercise are not enough. Many patients discover that no matter how much they try to have leaner, well-shaped, athletic arms, they cannot get rid of the stubborn fat that often worsens with age. Patients end up avoiding certain clothing and stay shy of situations where arms are exposed.


VASER® Hi-Def liposuction, the gold standard of modern liposuction can sculpt and remodel the shape of our arms. Dr Pagkalos uses VASER® Hi-Def liposuction to meticulously remove unwanted fat and emerge patient’s musculature. VASER® Hi-Def liposuction not only removes fat from the underside of the upper arms but also from different layers of upper side in order to enhance the appearance of the biceps, triceps and the deltoid muscle.

By emitting ultrasonic energy beneath the skin, VASER® Hi-Def liposuction prompts connective tissue retraction, tightens the skin and produces a smoother contour.


VASER® Hi-Def liposuction precisely associates the difference between fat and the surrounding connective tissue, so that no nerves or blood vessels are damaged during the procedure.


As with all VASER® treated areas, pain is minimal: patients have a sensation of a deep tissue massage. Downtime is also minimal, compared to recovery associated with conventional liposuction. Specially designed compression garments (sleeves) should be used for a period of 6 weeks. Manual lymphatic massage, starting as soon as a week after surgery, can enhance results and speed recovery.


Results are visible immediately after VASER® Hi-Def liposuction and once patient maintains her goal weight are permanent. Results continue to improve with more skin contraction over the next 3 to 4 months post OP.

Fat grafting

VASER® Hi-Def liposuction can be combined with fat graft to enhance muscle projection. Most commonly in male patients, fat removed from the arms or other parts of the body can be transferred to the biceps, triceps and the deltoid muscle for a more athletic look.