The nose is one of the most significant parts of face anatomy. Being in the center of the face, it plays a large role in creating facial symmetry.

Although classic rhinoplasty is the gold standard for permanent correction of the nose, new techniques and materials give us the option to make a nose beautiful without surgery.

Both permanent and non permanent fillers can be used for non surgical rhinoplasty. Hyaluronic acid (Restylane® or Juvederm®) is the filler of choice in our practice for its high safety and high efficiency. Based on each patient’s individual needs, hyaluronic acid (HA) can be used to straighten the nose, lift the tip, smoothen its sharp edges, even make the nose look smaller!

The process

The whole procedure lasts approximately 15 minutes, starting with taking pictures and discussing with the patient where Dr Pagkalos is going to inject HA and what we are trying to achieve. Local anaesthetic cream and/or cold patches can be used, if needed, before HA injections. Using fine needles Dr Pagkalos injects HA in very precise points, filling depressions, smoothening sharp edges, lifting the tip, changing the angle of the nose, restoring symmetry and making the nose appear straighter, more attractive and in harmony with the rest of the face.

During the procedure, patients have the opportunity to look at themselves at the mirror and discuss the results with Dr Pagkalos. Adjustments can be made on the spot so that he/she knows that the final result is exactly as the patient imagined it will be!

Are there complications?

Due to nose’s unique anatomical features, blood supply and nerve distribution, non surgical rhinoplasty should only be performed by nose specialists to avoid serious complications.

In the hands of a high skilled and experienced plastic surgeon a non surgical rhinoplasty could only cause minor side effects such as bruising and swelling which will only last for a few days. In order to minimise the risk of bruising, patients are advised to avoid aspirin, NSAIDs and food supplements for a period of 7 days prior to the procedure.

Is it painful?

Non surgical rhinoplasty could only cause small discomfort during the injection. Sensitive patients however could benefit from application of local anaesthetic cream and cold patches prior to the injection of HA.

Are you a good candidate for non surgical rhinoplasty?

Anyone willing to make his/her nose more attractive without surgery is a good candidate for non surgical rhinoplasty since it can improve every nose, even a nose that had surgery before. Non surgical rhinoplasty has the potential to greatly improve patient’s nose giving highly valued, aesthetically pleasing results.

After non surgical rhinoplasty:

  • Patients are advised to avoid wearing glasses for a week.
  • Patients are advised to avoid exposure to heat to maintain maximum duration of results.
  • Patients may resume all activities as soon as they leave the clinic.

Although the nose should look great right away, final results should be assessed in approximately 1 week.


  • Non surgical rhinoplasty is the easiest and fastest way to make a nose look better.

  • Good results can significantly boost your self-confidence without the recovery and the complications associated with surgery.

  • Nose reshaping balances facial features.