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Sagging jawline and crepey neck is one of the most difficult issues in anti-ageing. Both areas accumulate age-related damages earlier than other parts of the face. Although non-surgical interventions can significantly delay surgery, there is a turning point after which, things that we used to do and have been happy with, don’t seem to work anymore.


At this point, the patient should consider opting for something more invasive:


Microlift is a minimally invasive procedure for the jawline and the upper neck, suitable for patients when non surgical procedures fail to produce satisfactory results. The modern era of minimally invasive surgery prompts for delicate tissue manipulation and gentle structural interventions that allow easy recovery and immediate return to professional and social activities. 


Using a tiny incision laterally to the ear lobe, Dr Pagkalos puts a suture that supports deeper facial tissues, lifting the jawline and the upper neck. The excess of skin is subsequently excised and sutured inside the ear in an invisible manner. 


Microlift is a straight forward procedure that is performed under local anaesthesia and mild sedation and produces very natural results with practically no downtime. 



Candidates for microlift are: 


  • young patients that are not satisfied with the results of non-invasive procedures

  • young patients with massive weight loss who experience sagginess of the face and the upper neck

  • patients who are good candidates for facelift but do not have time for recovery 

  • older patients looking for an alternative to facelift 


Advantages of microlift: 


  • microlift is performed under local anaesthesia and mild sedation

  • it has ultra-fast, pain-free recovery

  • can be combined with other procedures such as liposuction for the double chin or blepharoplasty

  • it produces impressive yet very natural results

  • patients can practically resume their professional and social activities right after the surgery


Duration of results: 


Results last approximately 3 years. Although this may not sound long enough, being a minimally invasive surgery allows for the procedure to be repeated for as long as we need. 


Although the transition from non-surgical to surgical interventions may sound difficult for some patients, microlift offers a good alternative to conventional facelift, while, at the same time being safe, easy and effective. 

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