Face lift is the gold standard of anti-aging.

Today we have a lot of non-surgical procedures that can postpone Face Lift, however there is no substitute to a well performed, naturally looking Face Lift.

Contemporary Face Lift techniques rely on the repositioning of the deeper structures of the face. The pulled-back faces are a thing of the past since modern Face Lift techniques allow the plastic surgeon to produce natural looking, youthful results with minimum downtime and almost invisible incisions.

Dr Pagkalos uses the latest Face Lift techniques and his add-ons and modifications to modern Face Lift have been published to international medical journals.

Face Lift and Fat Transfer

Modern Face Lift techniques can be combined with fat transfer to the face. Using liposuction Dr Pagkalos removes fat from the abdomen or thighs and transfers it for injection into specific areas of the face. Fat tissue acts as a natural filler while giving a softer, fuller and more youthful appearance.

Face Lift and Stem Cells

Stems Cells have been referred as “The Holly Grail” of medicine. Dr Pagkalos collects patient’s stem cells from her adipose tissue and transfers them to the face, under the epidermis. Stem cells greatly improve skin quality and in combination with Face Lift give the best results science can offer today.

Face Lift Candidates

  • Men and women that are not satisfied with the results of non-surgical procedures
  • Men and women that seek fast, long lasting results
  • Men and women of younger age with sagging faces due to excessive weigh loss, exposure to extreme environmental conditions or genetic predisposition 

Face Lift advantages

  • It is the gold standard for a restful and young face
  • Modern Face Lift techniques give patients a natural, long lasting results with minimum downtime