Modern plastic surgery can reshape the lower jaw and chin in order to improve proportions, the harmony of facial features and to correct the chin-jaw-cheek-forehead balance.

Although bone remodeling and fillers (such as Juvederm Volux®) can nowadays significantly add volume to the chin, chin implants are considered the gold standard for chin augmentation.

Some patients opt to combine chin implant surgery with rhinoplasty and/or jaw implants to reshape their entire facial profile.

What can chin implant surgery do for you?

Chin implant surgery can enhance the lower face in a variety of ways. It can:

  • Increase chin’s size
  • Improve the definition of the jawline
  • Enhance a weak chin
  • Create better facial harmony and balance
  • Reduce a double chin, especially when combined with chin and/or neck VASER liposuction.

The process

Dr Pagkalos chooses the size and shape of the chin implant according to patient’s anatomy, needs and expectations.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia and mild sedation through an intraoral (inside the mouth) incision. A pocket is created above the periosteum and the implant is placed and secured in the optimal position in order to harmonically blend with the anatomy of the face.

Is it painful?

Chin implants are generally associated with minimum pain, although the bigger the implant, the more discomfort and tendency one should expect. Symptoms will start to go away after the first week, with local tendency persisting for approximately one month.

Are you a good candidate for a chin implant?

You may be a good candidate for chin implant if:

  • You are physically healthy and at a stable body weight
  • You have realistic expectations
  • Your chin is too short or with inadequate projection in relation to your facial characteristics

After surgery:

  • Patients are advised to use electric toothbrush to prevent trauma to the incision area.

  • Oral antibiotics are mandatory for 10 days. 

  • There will be some swelling which is expected to be reduced after the first week.


  • Chin implant surgery is associated with high degree of patient satisfaction (a 83% Worth it Rating in  

  • Chin augmentation balances facial features, improves jawline definition and can also reduce double chin.

  • The implant size and shape can be customized to patient’s anatomy and desired results. 

  • The incision is hidden inside the mouth, being practically invisible.

  • The results of chin implants are permanent.