Brotox is the male-version of botox: “Botox for the Bros=Brotox”

Since there is a growing number of men seeking for plastic surgery, it was a matter of time until the most popular, non-invasive procedure, botox, was modified to better address the needs of male face.

Brotox gives patients a fresh, youthful and relaxed look whilst retaining the masculinity of the face.

When doing Brotox to a male patient, Dr Pagkalos alters the typical botox technique with changes to the depth and points of injections as well as to the amount of units used per site.

Brotox receives great patient satisfaction since the male face looks restful, calm and fresh and at the same time no-one can tell that you had something done to your face.

As all non-invasive procedures, Brotox doesn’t last for ever. The results could last from 3 to 6 months depending on the patient.

It is a fast, straightforward, almost painless procedure and when performed correctly it is practically risk-free.

Results start to show from day 2, the face looks better everyday and the peak of the results when it comes to muscle movement, face expression and restful appearance is on the 10th day. Wrinkles however continue to smoothen and become less and less visible for at least 3 months after the treatment.

Since both Brotox and botox aim to relax the muscles and soften facial expression, they also act as a preventive tool against forming new wrinkles, being one of the reasons why we see younger patients asking for Brotox nowadays.