Abdominal six pack etching is a minimally invasive procedure that reveals patient’s abdominal muscles which are obscured by a layer of fat cells. Many men and women find that, no matter how much time and effort they put into physical training and weight loss, they cannot achieve the six pack definition they want.

In this procedure, also called ab sculpting surgery, fat is left above the muscle and removed between muscle compartments to highlight the borders and lines of the abdominal muscle and produce the six pack abs look.

Dr Pagkalos uses VASER® Hi-Def liposuction to meticulously create empty spaces between abdominal muscle compartments. When light hits patient’s body, shadows inside those empty spaces make the muscles look defined and well toned.

Ab sculpting is considered to be the epitome of high definition 3D / 4D liposculpture, since it requires a plastic surgeon who is skilled both in VASER® Hi-Def liposuction and the etching technique.

A high level of precision and in depth knowledge of VASER® handling is essential in order to create realistic-looking results.

The process

Dr Pagkalos starts with drawing a precise six pack of the abdomen, based on patient’s own muscle anatomy. A local anesthesia is injected to the treatment area and different VASER® probes are inserted to gently detach fat cells from various deep and superficial fat compartments. During fat removal process, Dr Pagkalos strategically leaves some fatty tissue behind to create the illusion of chiseled muscles.

Ab sculpting and fat grafting

Although the majority of patients opting for six pack abdominal etching are individuals who train and maintain a decent muscle bulk underneath the abdominal fat deposits, there are also patients that due to lack of training or genetical predisposition do not have abdominal muscles with sufficient volume. These patients can always benefit from a liposuction, since they will get a flat abdominal wall but, if they are looking for a six pack, Dr Pagkalos will use fat grafting in order to artificially add muscle volume.

VASER® provides excellent quality of fat tissue which can be used to shape patient’s abdominal muscles. Dr Pagkalos extracts unwanted fat and creates empty spaces to define the borders and horizontal lines of the muscles and subsequently puts the extracted fat in and above muscular compartments to give the volume needed for more impressive results.

Male vs Female abdominal six pack etching

Although patient preferences greatly vary, it is most common that male patients opt for a more athletic, body builder-like look, whereas female patients go for a toned, athletic yet more natural and softer musculature.

Are you a good candidate for Ab sculpting?

A consultation with Dr Pagkalos will help you determine if abdominal six pack etching is the right procedure for you. In general, a good candidate for ab sculpting is a patient who:

  • has a BMI score of 30 or less

  • is not a smoker

  • is willing to maintain his/her weight stable 

  • doesn’t have any health issues that could compromise healing

Abdominal six pack etching is a very popular procedure in Dr Pagkalos’ clinic. Results may be immediately visible but will improve as swelling subsides. Although patients are always thrilled to have their hidden six pack revealed, one should bear in mind that maintaining this sculptured appearance will require continued attention to his/her diet and exercise goals.